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Lunch Menus (Tuesday to Friday)


• All Thai salad, stir fry and curries are served with rice.
• Meals 4-14: You can choose chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian

BBQ chicken breast, tossed in a spicy Thai salad.
BBQ rump steak, tossed in a spicy Thai salad.
3.num tok moo
BBQ sliced pork, tossed in spicy Thai Salad.
4.Pad ka prao
Thai basil & chilli stir fry with selected vegetables.
5.Pad hoi
Oyster sauce stir fry with selected vegetables.
6.Pad khing
Stir fry with freshly sliced ginger and selected vegetables.
7.Pad med ma muang
Stir fry with chilli jam, cashew nut and selected vegetables.
8.Pad peaw wan
Sweet and Sour stir fry with selected vegetables.
9.Gang keaw wan
Spicy green curry with selected vegetables.
10.Gang dang
Mild red curry with selected vegetables.
11.Pad Thai
Traditional stir fried noodles with egg and bean sprouts.
12.Pad se-ew
Wide flat rice noodles, stir fried with black soya sauce..
13.Pad kee mao
Wide flat rice noodles, stir fried with Thai basil and fresh chilli.
Curry style soup with thin rice noodles and bean sprouts.


  • Traditional tropical Thai Crush$6.00
  • Sparkling water (250ml)$3.50
  • Sparkling water (750ml)$7.00
  • Ginger beer or lemon/lime and bitters$3.50
  • Soft Drinks (Coke, diet coke, zero, lemonade, lift or fanta)$3.50
  • Young coconut juice$5.00
  • Lipton Ice tea (peach, mango or lemon)$5.00
  • Orange, pineapple or apple juice$4.00
  • Milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or caramel)$6.00


1.Hoi Todd
Thai style pancake with mussels, shrimp and calamari BBQ and served on a bed of stir fried bean sprouts.
2.Tod Satay Gai
Chicken tenderloins crumbed with peanut satay sauce and rice.
3.Som Tom (papaya salad or carrot salad)
Moo Ping (pork skewers) served with sticky rice.
4.Lard Na
Traditional flat noodle stir fried with a thick sauce / chicken, beef or pork.
5.Kanom jen num ya
Fish balls and Jasmine silken noodle with green curry.

LUNCH TIME BANQUETS (min 4 people)

SET 1 – $21.90 (per person)

  • Pad Thai Vegetarian (noodle)
  • Yum Nua (beef salad)
  • Gang Dang Gai (red chicken curry)
  • Pad Moo med ma muang (cashew nut pork)
  • Served with Jasmine Rice

SET 2 – $26.90 (per person)

  • Entrees

  • Satay Chicken
  • Money Bags
  • Mains

  • Pad Thai Chicken (Noodle)
  • Yum muk (calamari salad)
  • Gang Panang Moo (Traditional pork curry)
  • Pad Ka Proa Nua (basil and chilli beef stir fry)
  • Served with Jasmine Rice