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Chef’s Specials

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Marinated black tiger prawns wrapped in rice paper, then deep fried
MIENG KHAM gluten free icon$15.90
Thai betel leaf topped with dried shrimp, coconut, peanuts, red onion, ginger, lime and Thai sauce
Barbecued duck breast served with hoisin sauce
HOI YANG $16.90
Grilled scallops with king oyster mushrooms and chilli mayonnaise
Siracha Prawn $15.90
Lightly fried tiger prawns in a spicy chilli mayonaise
Pork Belly $16.90
served with a Thai basil sauce


PAD PRIK KAE gluten free option icon $28.90
Stewed lamb, stir fried, then tossed in a spicy red curry with assorted vegetables
GANG TA PO gluten free icon $23.90
Slow cooked beef curry with water spinach
SNOWPEA GOONG (THAI SALAD) gluten free icon $27.90
Black Tiger prawns, sliced snowpeas, shallots, red onion and coriander tossed with coconut cream and chilli jam
1,000 CHILLI PED $34.90
Crispy soy duck breast served with spicy chilli sauce
PAD CHAR PED gluten free option icon $27.90
Barbecued duck, stir fried with mixed vegetables served on a sizzling plate
Ped Yung $36.90
BBQ Duck breast with a Thai Plum sauce
CHOO CHEE SALMON gluten free icon $32.90
Barbecued Atlantic Salmon fillet topped with a choo chee curry and snowpeas
YUM SALMON gluten free icon $32.90
Barbecued Atlantic Salmon fillet with green apple salad and cashew nuts
YUM PLA $34.90
Deep fried Barramundi topped with a green apple salad and cashew nuts
Whole baby squid tossed in a salt and pepper tempura batter, then deep fried
Sizzling Bugs gluten free option icon$34.90
Stir fried bug tails in thai basil and chilli
Betel leaf curry bugs $34.90
Traditional Curry with bug tails and selected vegetable
Yum Goong Monkey Thai gluten free option icon $36.90
Queensland BBQ king prawns served with a thai summer salad
BBQ USA Pork Ribs $32.90
Served with a Thai BBQ sauce
Prik Khing moo gob $32.90
Dry curry stir fry with pork belly and green bean